We can set in place a monthly maintenance plan for a day that suits you. Each workstation will be visited by a dedicated engineer. Any minor faults can be logged for the engineer to resolve during the visit.


The workstation will be optimised to ensure its running as efficiently and quickly as possible by trimming the start up applications, checking the performance logs, and removing old or unwanted applications.


The PC can be cleaned internally to remove the dust that causes overheating issues and eventually hardware failure. The hardware can also be checked with diagnostics to predict any possible failures that may be about to happen.

Keeping You Informed

An engineer’s worksheet will be produced on completion of every visit detailing the tasks undertaken and the resolutions to issues.

Workstations are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Throughout the workstations life it will start to slow down and become less efficient, having a knock on impact on your business productivity. We are able to offer a cost effective solution to ensure your workstations are working at peak efficiency at all times and to predict any possible future hardware problems.

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