Virtual Servers

Hyper-V is the newest technology in server virtualisation. Once your servers are converted to a virtual box, this opens up new opportunities in redundancy. Including regular snapshots of your servers running state and creating a clone of the server on another box for failover. This is the best way to ensure business continuity and significantly reduce downtime.

Terminal Servers

Many companies are moving towards a terminal server environment for the many benefits on offer, including but not limited to:

  • Centrally managed and secure, removing the ability to install unwanted applications by your staff. It will also provide optimal fast running conditions of the server
  • They provide a secure remote working environment that can be accessed from within and outside your office
  • Increased IT security due to the nature of controlling an employee’s working environment centrally
  • While you can utilise your existing workstations to log on to a terminal server. Future purchases will only require a much cheaper ‘thin client’. These offer significantly reduced running costs.

Traditional IT Support Solutions