Network Administration

Optimising Performance

There are many ways to increase network performance, from upgrading the network cables to upgrading the network switches or managing the demand on the network. Diagnostics can be carried out to resolve any issues that may be detrimentally affecting the running of your network.


We can cover all aspects of network installation including, running cables or setting up wireless networks. For minimal disruption to your business we typically carry out major installations over a weekend.

Wireless Security

Often people shy away from wireless networks in a work environment. We are able to test your security and recommend or implement any improvements to ensure your wireless is as safe as possible.

Multiple Broadband Connectivity

Through experience we have found that if your business sends high volume emails or has multiple vpn or remote access connections this can affect your internet speed in the office. In this scenario we would setup a second or third broadband line, splitting out the vpn/remote or e-mail connections so the internet browsing in the office always has the maximum available speed to it.

Site to Site VPN

If you have remote office locations, we can setup a system where the remote locations can access your central server via VPN or Citrix.

Traditional IT Support Solutions