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What is Online file and document sharing?

The demand from business and charities to be able to securely store and share files and content online, and sync it across all their devices is growing quickly. There are so many solutions out there to choose from but many are expensive, consumer focused or you find out all your data will be stored outside the UK. Then when you find the “business” version you need a minimum number of users to access the service!

MyOwnCloud from Innovation is a business grade file sharing and management solution both hosted and supported here in the UK, with a huge range of features that make it more suited to business than Dropbox and the many other consumer focused solutions available. More than that though, it’s a business service, hosted exclusively in ISO-27001 certified datacentres in the UK. So if you’re looking for a cost effective UK based solution for sharing your content with your team, partners and clients, MyOwnCloud is what you need from only £3.95!

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