DNS Filter acts as a gatekeeper for your network, meticulously inspecting every web request made by your organisation. It identifies and blocks malicious websites, phishing attempts, malware, and other online threats before they even reach your network. Simultaneously, it filters out undesirable or non-business-related content, ensuring your employees stay focused and productive.

Phishing is still the most common form of cyber-attack and they continue to become more sophisticated. DNS Filter adds an essential layer of security, protecting your organisation from threats lurking on the internet. Not only that, it will also help your team be more productive by giving you the ability to manage and block any ‘time-wasting’ websites.


Enforce Browser Safe Search (Google, Bing etc.)

Protect your devices wherever they are - on and off your network

Block Threats at DNS Level

Zero-Trust Solution leaving nothing to chance

Stop Threats before they hit your network

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